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We are looking for live and local entertainment for the 3rd Annual Big Texas Fun. We will book family-friendly entertainment and we expect large crowds of people ready to have fun. From musicians and dancers to magicians and performing artists, talents of all kinds should contact us. If you are interested in performing at Big Texas Fun 2021, register here and you will be contacted with further details.

Pop Rocks At Tribute Fest

Pop Rocks a tribute to

80’s, 90’s, and 2000’s


Time: 3:00

Pop Rocks

Think Lizzy - A Thin Lizzy Tribute Band

Think Lizzy: A Tribute to Thin Lizzy


Time: 6:00

“Voted #6 in 2012-2013 Austin Chronicle Music Awards and #8 Best Cover Band in 2011 and 2012 for the Austin Chronicle Music Awards. You may think you’ve gone a long way to see a show, but it’s unlikely you’ve gone the distance that Stephen O’brien has. In 2003 the Dublin based musician flew to Austin, to catch a gig by King’s X, and as an added bonus soak up the city. He later left the Emerald Isle to relocate permanently, gigging in a variety of musical projects and cover bands”

Sharp Dressed Men: A Tribute to ZZ Top


Time: 8:00

Sharp Dressed Men have a vision to perform rock shows with the same vitality as the original ZZ Top. Sharp Dressed Men stay true to ZZ Top from the costumes, the guitars, the stage presence and most importantly, the music.
We play rallies, festivals, weddings and any other occasion you can think of!

Live bands Victoria tx



Time: 3:00

live music Victoria tx

Los Amigos


Time: 7:30

The Tejano band, Los Amigos has been known locally in the Victoria, TX area for 20 years. In the those 20 yrs, Albert Garcia SR., ( father of Phillip and Albert JR.) was the man who kept the band going strong. In 2003 the original members called it quits. Brothers, Phillip and Albert JR. , took over with 6 other new , young, and experienced members. They have been taking the band to higher and higher levels. With their ability to play any style of music, like Tejano rancheras, Cumbias, Conjunto, Hip-Pop, Reageton, and Oldies. With their High energy shows , and powerhouse sound, they have gained the respect and support of the people in the south Texas area.
Now Los Amigos A.S.G. (Amigos Segunda Generacion) consist of 8 members with great experience. For instance, 3 members have traveled all over the U.S. and Mexico with Tejano show band LA SOMBRA De Tony Guerro from 97-02. These members are the bass , sax-keyboards-accordian, drummer of A.S.G.
Los Amigos A.S.G. is now in the studio working on new music for the next C.D. Their plans are to out do what they have done in the past and keep on progressing.They love to give the audience and fans their money’s worth, with the awsome show and and awsome sound. BE ON THE LOOK OUT FOR LOS AMIGOS A.S.G

Socks on chili peppers

Socks on Chili Peppers: Tribute to Red Hot Chili Peppers


Time: 4:00

Beatle Mani

Beattie Mania: Tribute to The Beatles


Time: 4:00

Blood Red Sky

Blood Red Sky: A Tribute to U2


Time: 5:30 pm

barefoot nation Keney Chesney Tribute

Barefoot Nation: A Tribute to Kenny Chesney


Time: 3:00


Barefoot Nation, Texas’ tribute to the one and only Kenny Chesney! The band has performed sold out shows at the top venues in the Dallas area including House of Blues, Lava Cantina, Gas Monkey Bar and Grill, Chop Shop Live and has topped city-wide festivals including A Taste of Addison, Burleson Wine Crawl and Bonham Heritage Days.

The Barefoot Nation show brings the concert experience of sun, fun, classic songs and good times with friends that Kenny Chesney has been bringing to audiences worldwide for over 25 years. The songs tell the story of making every moment count, sharing the passion of living life to the fullest, and celebrating the love for fans and music every time.

Creed Fischer


Time: 7:00 

Walk the Line - Bennie Wheels - Tribute to Johnny Cash


Time: 2:00-3:30

Bennie Wheels: Walk The Line: A Tribute to Johnny Cash

Bennie Wheels & “Walkin’ The Line”. The ultimate tribute to Johnny Cash, June Carter and the Tennessee Three, is the nation’s #1 and most authentic representation of The Man in Black in his “Folsom Prison” era prime! Seeing is believing, and when you go “Walkin’ The Line” there is no doubt that Johnny Cash’s spirit lives on!


Time: 3:30-5:00

Holly Tucker

Who has been called the Angel of Texas Country Music, is tenaciously proving that great things are worth the wait.

After winning the hearts of millions of television viewers in 2013 on Season 4 of NBC’s hit music reality show, The Voice, Holly is leaving her boot print all over Texas Country Music and with fans worldwide.

Her voice has been described by  coach Blake as, “the most effortless, accurate, and powerful voice he’s ever heard”, and is currently Texas Country Music Association’s reigning female Vocalist of the year, two years running.

Canaan Bryce


Time: 11:00 am-12:30 pm

Canaan Bryce

Waxahachie native, Canaan Bryce brings his own distinctive sound unlike any other up-and-coming artist in the scene. His sound has been described as “the definition of Texas Country.” In October 2018 Canaan Bryce released his highly anticipated debut album Hwy 287. This record showcases Canaan’s vocal talents with his more powerful songs like Just Stay and Wastin’ My Time, and you’ll catch yourself getting his more upbeat songs Miss May and City Limit Sign stuck in your head all day long.


Time: 12:30-2:00

Scotty Alexander

Scotty Alexander…is more than just a GREAT live show, who has played everywhere from Gruene Hall to Australia, opened for Kyle Park, Cody Johnson, Cody Jinks and many others…

and MORE than just a veteran singer, songwriter and recording artist…

He is also a world class studio musician on fiddle, guitar, banjo, bass and has performed since the age of 6 when he released his first vinyl record


Featuring free concerts at the YoloTX Stage:

*Times are subject to change and may vary.


Yolo TX Stage

12:30 pm-2:00 pm

Venice Queen: Red Hot Chili Peppers


Blood Red Sky: U2


Blaze of Glory: Bon Jovi Tribute


Wild West Stage

11:00 am-12:30 pm

Mile 262


Sharp Dressed Men: ZZ Top


Think Lizzy




Yolo TX Stage


Canaan Bryce 


Walk The Line: A Johnny Cash Tribute 


Barefoot Nation: Kenny Chesney Tribute 



Wild West Stage


Scotty Alexander


Holly Tucker